Monday, September 7, 2015


Dreamer and I are going to practice our fine motor skills!

They're made of special hard wax and too big to swallow.

Here I am chilling on my balcony. I am wearing the first bright yellow shirt I've worn in years. Somewhere along the way I decided bright yellow made me look sallow and I've avoided it since. However the other day Ryan insisted I try this one on and I don't know, I don't think it's bad.

I also bought some new eye makeup and experimented. In the yellow shirt picture, for comparison sake, I am not wearing any make up, here I dolled up. I got eye makeup because I recently bought new glasses and I feel like my eyes get lost behind them without makeup.

Makeup, shirts, and Dreamers crayons. It's all pretty unconnected but it made me realize there's a bit of a color theme running through it now.

Dreamer hasn't quite figured out how to bear down on the crayons yet though, so no art work to share... yet.

Hope my American readers are enjoying Labor day.

Things to be thankful for: 

241- restarts
242- clearing the air
243- puzzles.
244- dreaming

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