Thursday, September 17, 2015

I have been sick

I have been sick.  Dreamer has been sick. Meh.

I am in the coughing stage.  Steam helps.

I am feeling better if not yet well and
exercised today.  Nothing exhaustive but yeah,  it was good.

Dreamer seems fine except a lingering cough today.  Last night she'd thrown up though.  It was so sad.  But today she was running around playing.

It has been Ryan's day off and he's been eager to play games on the new computer.  We played on together in the evening and then watched part of a documentary before Ryan wanted to go to bed.

I am still wide awake though,  at 3:23am. This being sick has definitely sent my sleeping schedule askew.

But thanking God is good at anytime, day or night!

286- for friends.
287- for being the God who heals
288- for ceiling fans
289- and deep conversation
290- for eggs

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