Friday, September 4, 2015


That is a common cry out of my daughter's adorable mouth these days.

But,  as you can probably gather from the photo, she doesn't only mean her pets. She loves all things cats. Stuffed animals, pictures, books. It's totally precious. 

She's also apt to say "bow wow wow" as her grandparents taught her dogs say. If she sees a dog in the street she'll say that. I have also been teaching her "moo" for when she sees a cow or buffalo. 

And I admit I am blown away by something that happened yesterday. For her birthday she got a 3 month wonderboxx subscription from my parents. It was for 1-3 year old,  so a lot of the items have been set aside for when she's older. One of those items, which I had shown her when it arrives but she had no interest is a set of flashcards with things like "The duck says quack quack" with a picture of a duck on it. Well yesterday she went and took this off the shelf and is enthralled when we read them to her! She's a 15 month old asking to use flashcards!! I am so pleased. 

So that's some of the run around here. Other words Dreamer has really recently been tackling are "door" and "water." Of course these need a parental translation since they sound like "woor" and "whoa" or "wuh uh". But she's definitely learning to ask for what she wants. It's delightful. 

Other delights I am thankful for:

226- striped squirrels
227- cinnamon 
228- delivery 
229- cute squishy toys
230- jaggery

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