Thursday, September 3, 2015

Little Moments

Dreamer is just being so cute.

Ryan is at work and the doorbell rings. She springs to her feet and says,  "Daddy!" Of course, it's actually the garbage man, but how adorable, right?

A few minutes ago she goes and retrieves the dog pull-toy her grandparents gave her last night running triumphantly with it rolling loyally behind her as she goes, "Bow wow wow wow wow."

Now she comes to me with a slight whine and body language implying it's time for her nap. All right,  adorable one,  let's nurse.

Thank you Lord for the little moments.

And also thank You for:
221- quiche
222- pomegranate seeds
223- generosity of sisters in You
224- diversity of Your Body 
225- flashcards 

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