Friday, October 16, 2015

An Announcement

in my parent's yard
Exciting news!

We have purchased tickets for Dreamer and I to go for a long visit to America! Ryan should be coming for a shorter visit in the midst of our longer one, since he has to maintain his job. We'll be leaving in December.

At the end of November I'll have been here in India for three years without a visit home. My parents and sisters have not gotten to meet Ryan, let alone meet Dreamer! I am very excited. I'm also a bit wistful at being parted from Ryan for a long time, but glad this is finally happening.

Thanking God for:

436- buying the plane tickets!
437- knowing your hand is on us in all these bureaucratic nonsense.
438- being loved from the other side of the globe
439- peanut butter toast
440- pizza


  1. Hope you have your visa sorted so you can return to India. And Dreamer's passport (and visa if Dreamer isn't a US citizen). And Ryan's visa to visit the US when he can join you. It's hard work being an overseas person.

  2. It is! Dreamer is an American citizen, but we still have to get her an exit visa to leave the country. They don't grant those until 3 days prior to travel though, and it's supposed to be easy-peasy. As for my visa tangle it's still not resolved but the reason we went ahead and got a ticket was we've recieved news that it is resolvable before travel, where as we weren't sure before. I likely will have that over before the end of the week, and then maybe can say more. Ryan is going to go for his visa soon and we'll try to resolve that before I leave India, but we haven't purchased his plane tickets yet, so we're not jumping the gun on that one. He's started filling out his application for an appointment which is estimated to be in a week and a half or so, and then turn around time is estimated at 10-12 days, so we'll likely know before mid November.


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