Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cool Weather

Cool weather has arrived!

In American terms, I'd say it's finally fall/autumn here in India. But in India they say "winter has
the kind of autumn display I used to see in the US

There is this heavenly smell all night long from this amazingly fragrant blooming tree that everyone knows but no one can tell me what the name of it is...

Right now it's perfect temperature. It's like free air conditioning. Not so cold I really need extra clothing, but crisp enough to be invigorating.

I am very thankful for this change in the weather. Fall has always been my favorite season. There isn't any changing leaves here yet or anything, and I may miss that because it only happens for about 7 days in December, but this crispness brings joy to me.

It drizzled, which helped bring the nice chilly air in, and when it did I took Dreamer outside and we walked the street and called for Vex. We're hoping the cold weather will bring him home. Not yet, but maybe one of these days...

Aside from the temperature, I'm also thanking God for:

501- Dreamer's grip on my finger
502- Princess
503- Marie crackers
504- friends
505- play time

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