Saturday, October 10, 2015

Crazy Week

Dreamer got sick on Sunday. She threw up Sunday, then was just very congested, coughing, sneezing, very runny nose which peaked on Tuesday with her throwing up three times. Then once on Wednesday. She's doing better now, and never had a fever, but she's still not 100%.

We went to the FRO (Foreigner's Registration Office) on Thursday to see about visas for our planned trip to the US that's upcoming. We unfortunately didn't get anything accomplished, but got a lot more information about how to proceed.

Thursday night I accidentally had food that had amchur powder. Amchur powder, also known as dry mango powder, is made from drying mangos, skins and all, and grinding it up. The issue is I'm allergic to mango skins. I started reacting, took benedryl and basically was worthless and weak the rest of the night and most of the day. Blessedly our houseguest KC watched Dreamer for me while I rested, as I wasn't really capable of it. In the morning I felt okay laying down, but when I would sit up I'd be so dizzy... however, it definitely got worse because I had tea made with spoiled milk. Yes, that really happened. It was a situation where it was like "is this milk turned?" and uncertain... and sipping the tea, not sure... But then it definitely became clear when my stomach cramped. So that combined with the allergic reaction made my Friday lost.

a quick snap of me from my laptop's webcam, laying in bed writing you.
Looking great, huh? ha
So now it's Saturday morning and I haven't been posting. I've also been busy keeping up with family and friends. I am from South Carolina, which you may know was just hit by massive flooding. So I was on alert during all of that to make sure my loved ones were okay (they are.)

I also currently have two friends in the hospital. One is actually hospitalized, the one one has been messaging me from the ER as they slowly, slowly give her tests.

Anyway, I had promised that I'd post everyday and I've been back posting if I miss, but this week has just overwhelmed me and I decided I'd be better off explaining and just trying to daily post from here than trying to catch up on a week's worth of posts and meanwhile miss other days.

Love you, my blog readers.

Thanking God for:
406- you, that you're still here reading.
407- healing
408- ice cream
409- techie toys
410- snuggles

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