Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My Vex is Missing

Our cat Vex ran away last night and he's still not home. My stomach is tied in knots.

I am really hoping he'll come home soon. 

He's always been an indoor cat and while he's run away before, never for this long.

He darted out at 11:15 pm or so. KC ran after him while I stayed with Dreamer, Ryan was at work. He'd run up to the roof. KC came back saying he'd jumped onto our neighbor's roof (we live in builder flats that are similar to row houses for my American readers, so these are roofs right next to each other, with just walls between.
I had KC stay with Dreamer and ran up. I prayed and saw him: about four roofs away, standing on a wall. I called to him, he looked at me; then he jumped over the wall so he was even farther. I last saw him clearing the next wall, said a prayer for him and went back down stairs. I am not a video game character, I couldn't go leaping rooftops after him. I hoped he'd be home soon. I texted Ryan to look for him when he got home.

In the morning I woke up and first thing I asked Ryan was was he back? Nope. Ryan had talked to one neighborhood guard who'd seen him on a roof last night; but he said he'd seen him at 11pm. Which means probably he saw him around when I last saw him and gives us no leads to his current location.

Ryan and I have both taken turns going out and checking periodically. When it got to be about 12 hours missing I decided to put water out the front door. I want him to get hungry and thirsty and give up and come home, but if he is having too much fun then maybe at least he could grab a quick sip and run away. I'd rather he not get dehydrated, though I definitely am not putting out food. He has to get hungry eventually, he's never really been hungry before. This is most definitely the longest he's ever been loose.

I am telling myself probably the fact that the few people we've asked haven't seen anything is a good sign. If dogs cornered him or he'd been hit by a car people would see and remember.

A lot of people in India are scared of cats though. Like there's ridiculous stories of killer cats that rip your throat out. I was told these over and over when I was pregnant because people were thinking that it would be too dangerous to have cats and a baby. Obviously that's false (out of respect for the people telling it I did research it, with literally not one news story to back it up... But then logic made me consider cats can get rabies and maybe the tales come from real incidents with rabid cats? Regardless, that's irrelevant to this blog post.) My big fear is, considering some Indians are as scared of cats as many Americans are of spiders maybe someone killed him. I am hoping I am paranoid, but I am worried.

It's also possible he tried to jump from the roof to a tree or a balcony and slipped.
Most likely though he let himself down a stairwell like ours, or even ours, and is roaming the neighborhood. But we haven't gotten any evidence yet.

Anyway, if you would say a prayer for him, we'd appreciate it. I will update you later.

Thanking God:

461- that You care about the sparrows, and my Vexy
462- that You are with him all the time
463- that Dreamer is young enough that she's not worried
464- that Vex is well fed and a good size
465- that we can always turn to You with everything, big and small

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