Saturday, October 31, 2015

News from the Vet (And Happy Halloween!)

So Vex is home!!

We went to the vet who told us the bite on his side is from a cat. It looks pretty deep to me, but the vet didn't think so and we simply have to clean it and let it heal. He got a fresh rabies shot and is otherwise good.

We're so happy to have him home. Except Princess. Princess is hissing at him and attacking him. Sigh. She did this when he was neutered too. Something about he doesn't smell right so she thinks he's an imposter? It's ridiculous and annoying, and I can tell Vex's feelings are hurt. But when he was neutered it wore off in a few days, and we're guessing it will here as well.

Vex is being so sweet with all of us, catching up on sleep and letting us cuddle him like crazy.

We haven't done anything for Halloween, but hope all of you celebrating have a great one.

Thanking God for:

516-having my family back together again.
517- for digital photography
518- for time
519- for joy
520- for love

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