Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Photo Challenge: Capture "Triumph"

I  have been writing a lot more about Vex,  obviously. He still isn't home.

My plan for the blog last week was trying to catch up on my photo challenge. This didn't happen for two reasons, one being Vex and the other being I was having trouble  "capturing triumph." That's not to say Dreamer hasn't had triumphant moments,  just that I wasn't ready to click them! So this morning I got this semi-triumphant look and decided good enough so I can move on with more snaps in the challenge. Whether it's truly triumph or more just shared pleasure in our game of ball could be debated.  But regardless, she's adorable.

Thanking God for:

496- ice cream
497- beautiful shoes
498- hot pink
499- Ryan
500- thai food


  1. Triumph must be tricky to capture, but I think she looks like she could conquer the world in this photo! So cute!
    Your life seems so interesting and inspiring, by the way. Best wishes to your and your family!

    -Synne, www.etdrysskanel.com

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