Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday with Family

This Saturday we had a family dinner with not only Ryan's parents, which is a regular occurrence, but also his aunt, uncle and cousin.

Ryan's family is not from this area, he was born in Kolkata, but many of his family members live here. I am not sure if it was his aunt and her family or his grandmother who moved here first, but it was at his aunt's recommendation that Ryan's parents moved the family here when Ryan was around 17. They all live in Gurgaon. His grandmother is in Delhi, which is just north of Gurgaon. He has two "grand uncles" (what we call great-uncles in America) in Noida, which is north of Delhi. He also has a grand aunt in Faridibad I think, which is south of Gurgaon. 

Soon however we'll have less family in the area as this aunt, uncle and cousin are now moving to the mountains. I can't blame them however, I'd love to get out of the smoggy, crowded city but alas, not now for us. With this move in mind, however, Saturday may be the last chance we get to see them before they move. Which is why we had his cousin (who is just 10) take a photo with Dreamer before they left, as both will likely change quite a bit before our next get together:

It was nice seeing them. At some point I'd like to meet the family of Ryan's that is still back in Kolkata. I think aside from the family here and the family there, all the rest of Ryan's extended family is abroad, not in India. He has an uncle, aunt, and several cousins in America, cousins in Australia, some family I'm not sure of the categorization in Canada, and of course his other grandmother is in the UK. One reason we haven't faced so much resistence for being an American/Indian union in his family is we're not the only one. His dad's brother is married to an American (and is now a naturalized American himself, actually) and his mom's mom is married to a British man. Most of the rest I think are married to Indians, though, but primarily other Anglo-Indians, which have roots back in Europe at least some amount of generations ago. Well, actually the uncle who is the father of the cousin above is Bengali I think, which is the majority ethnicity of Kolkata. But in general, having to marry Indians is not required in the Anglo-Indian community as it is in most Indian communities, especially amongst Hindus. (Most Indian-Other marriages I know of are Sikh Indians or Christian Indians, it is less common amongst Hindus.)

Anyway, it is nice to know we have some family around, even if it's about to be less. However, I admit I'm even more excited thinking about Dreamer getting to meet MY side of the family for the first time in less than two months!

Thanking God for:

441- extended family
442- your provision and our ability to trust in it
443- appointments
444- for jewelry
445- for peaceful times when Dreamer is napping

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