Thursday, October 22, 2015


We are worried about Vex. He's still not home.

We were going to the zoo today, but cancelled it because Ryan and I were just too worried to have any fun. We wanted to be here so we could search for Vex.
Kitten Vex in a homemade cat tower

We all had dreams Vex came home. Ryan, KC and I, all three. Maybe Dreamer did too, but she didn't tell me. I went looking for him with her strapped in the ergo and as I was calling "Vex! Vex!" she was calling "Kitty!" and "Cat."

We put up posters today and as I was getting one put up by a guard one street over a neighbor on his motorcycle stopped and said he'd seen him yelling in the street at 2am the night before (Wednesday night.) That was very encouraging, but as I thought about it, it makes me think he's probably disoriented if he's meowing in the street, but not our street. He's probably wanting to come home but is lost. He's never been out longer than like 4 hours before and primarily has spent his entire life in a small apartment. He's probably bewildered by the vastness of outside. Also it's the final day of a major Hindu festival so people are cooking fragrant food, burning incense, and even setting off fireworks. This would make everything smell a bit different. Almost all the apartments in our block are identical so there's very little visual clues. And he's scared of fireworks...

Thanking God for:

466- hope
467- showing me the sweet side of Ryan
468- the ability to cook
469- Princess
470- memories

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