Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Diwali!

Hey blog readers! Hope those who celebrate Diwali are having a good time.

I am sorry for my recent absence. I again am sick, as of just yesterday. Pretty sure I got sick because I have been burning the candle at both ends. I haven't been blogging because well, Dreamer is a full blown tantrum throwing destroys whatever she touches toddler who I basically have been watching solo 24/7.

Ryan is on an AWFUL schedule. Basically if he's not asleep, he's at work. If we're both awake, one or both of us are bleary eyed from exhaustion. I am just worn out.

I keep sitting down to write blogs. I actually have four or five posts that are like 70% or more completed. But then Dreamer will come try to steal my mouse or pound on the keyboard. Or fall off something.

Meanwhile Princess has decided since Vex came back injured, he must bow down to her. He's always been top cat. Hence they're fighting all the time. Driving me crazy. I still would rather have them both home and fighting then have Vex missing, but it adds another element of stress.

So, yeah, just worn out. And as always when we're on opposite schedules, Ryan and I have been fighting. We just can't seem to help it, it's like when we don't see each other all the stress of the day piles up and gets unleashed on each other. So it's been like fight, make up, say goodbye because he's off to work or going to sleep. It's just horrible. We're going to be fine, but we need a new schedule BAD.

So, I am sorry I haven't been blogging, it just always seems to be one of the tasks that needs to wait until "tomorrow."

Happy Diwali, again, for those who celebrate it.

Thanking God for:
571- caffeine
572- latches
573- cell phones
574- sleep, sleep, sleep
575- pizza

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