Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


My internet situation is precarious at best. Basically my family only has limited data on their phones and I don't have one. They live out in the country where you can't get broadband so there's no Wi-Fi. And living out in the country we aren't getting to public Wi-Fi either. When I am getting online priority is going to communication with Ryan and friends and others I'd like to meet up with, since I don't have a phone yet to organize meeting up.

However I am having a lovely time visiting my family for the first time in three years. Dreamer has totally bonded with her grandparents and Aunt Alison, who is also staying here now. In a couple weeks we'll be going to New Jersey to visit her great grandparents and other extended family. Her other aunt, uncle, and her cousin will be driving up from Maryland to see her then.

Truthfully, I guess real life is just crowding out the blog for now. Dreamer has been well, a toddler, so even in India she was crawling over the keyboard banging things whenever I tried to type and I had trouble stringing two thoughts together. She loves my family but is even more clingy now being so far from everything familiar. I am getting time to type this because Aunt Alison is playing tickle war with her about ten feet away. If I tried to leave the room it would be hysterics however.

I'm playing it by ear but truthfully updates will be irregular and haphazard as long as this trip lasts. I hope all of you are having wonderful holiday celebrations and seasons.

Thanking God for grace and this blog.

(uploading a photo would strain my parents precarious data plan, that'll just have to wait.)

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