Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Jersey, part one

Hello all!

I have had a wonderful time in New Jersey this past week. I was born in NJ and lived there until I was seven, when my family moved to South Carolina. My grandparents and much extended family are still up there though and is one of my favorite places in the world.

My mother came with Dreamer and I as we were visting her parents. We had a lovely but busy time. My older sister who loves in Maryland drove up with her husband and my niece. Dreamer and I got to meet her cousin for the first time!

I have lots of photos to share but am back on my parents very limited internet. That is why I put part one in the post title. I will try to post more photos later. These are all photos my sister took. I have more photos on my camera, my phone and my mom's phone but haven't consolidated anything yet.

My grandfather is in front, then in the back my
grandmother, my aunt, me, Dreamer, my mom, my
niece and my sister.

I am definitely thanking God for this visit. Did you know my grandfather is 90 years old and my granaremts have been married 60 years? It will be 61 years next month! I am very blessed and so glad they finally got to meet their great grand daughter!

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