Sunday, September 11, 2016

Skip. Hop. Play. Giveaway!

Dreamer with "Kitty"
Today we get the fun of having a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate giveaway for tons of Skip Hop items! Toys like these are great for kids!

Having a two year old, play is getting more and more important. Every parent knows that kids love their toys! This is a really great list on a good variety of types of toys. Of course, development also matters. It's good to look at a resource like this one from National Association for the Education of Young Children that lists good toys for different stages

Dreamer rarely goes anywhere without a stuffed animal, usually her sidekick "Kitty." As my mother put it, Kitty is her "lovey." She's also very fond of several other toys as well, but Kitty is the constant.

Then of course, there's bath time. It's not been easy getting Dreamer to like baths. As a newborn, she hated them. After many months she finally tolerated them, but she has never liked to wash her hair. Toys are an important element to keeping littles in the tub long enough that hopefully they get fully washed! We now put in bubbles and fill the tub up with "friends" and usually she'll hop in. She's not above hopping out and running away when I try to shampoo her hair, though.  (She's got several sets of bath toys, including the one pictured below. You can find it and other toys at 

a set of munchkin bath toys

I'm not sure if they count as "toys" but Dreamer definitely adores books. When she decides it's book time we usually read 10-30 books in a row. Lately she's been especially loving books about colors, a concept she's just grasping. It's adorable. I ask her "What color is this?" pointing and she screws up her face in concentration and goes, "Ummmmmm..... Purple?" She's right about 80% of the time now. We play this game outside of the books as well pointing to toys, clothes, and the like.

She also enjoys coloring and playing with stickers. Additionally she likes using a  set of plastic letters that my sister gave her as well. Choosing good toys for toddlers often has to do with providing a variety of activities and toys, to stimulate different skills and ideas.Especially because their attention spans aren't very long yet.

Dreamer also has this purple octopus!

Of course, being a toddler she also loves to just run around. We play a game she calls "running" which seems to be a combination of tag and hide and seek, just with no real rules. She'll come up to me with big cute eyes and tug on my clothes saying, "Mommy, running? Running?" She also loves to play with a variety of balls. She has several in different sizes and gets very particular about which one she wants to play with, varying it each time.

What kind of toys do your kids like?

Enter below for a chance to win the gift certificate!

Skip Hop Play Giveaway!


  1. We like books, blocks, bath toys...any toys really :)

  2. We like books, blocks, bath toys...any toys really :)

  3. Wesley love block and any toas that being my baby curiosity and joy

  4. Ava has really gotten into baby dolls. My first child never did. She would play with them but she wasn't attached. In the bath she loves her squeezable fish.

  5. We love our wooden puzzles, wooden blocks, anything with wheels, play kitchen, and water table in this house

  6. Coco loves stuffed animals. She has 3 that go with her everywhere.

  7. Madi loves her magna doodle (we practice letters and draw so many pictures!) she also loves Duplo!!!

  8. We love baby dolls and books

  9. We love babies, play kitchen stuff, and books!

  10. Our 8 month old loves anything that makes crinkle sounds right now!

  11. Play doh and art supplies tops our list!
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