Friday, May 26, 2017

One Month

So birth story is already shared.

He was very alert from the beginning, lifting his head to turn it in the hospital and turning over onto his side within a week of birth. Like his sister before him, he nursed easily from the start. Little boy wouldn't cooperate with the newborn photographer in the hospital so we were told to come back.

We brought him home from the hospital and the next day I had food poisoning. So recovering from birth, with an episiotomy and food poisoning only three days post partum. Then Ryan got it too. All that's a blur of misery but we survived and he grew. We went and got the newborn photos done when he was around a week old. The photographer was amazed at his neck strength because he kept lifting his head and turning it instead of staying the pose he was trying to keep him in.

He smiled daily from basically the very beginning.

He had a special huge enormous smile but I didn't capture it until he was over three weeks.

Doctor's visit showed he had a tongue tie, but since he was breastfeeding just fine I was told not to worry about it for now.

Dreamer loved him instantly, but was frustrated he wouldn't play with her. "Don't worry in a year or so he'll be over there playing blocks with you," I told her. He did however, respond to her talking to her with gummy smiles.

Here's a story from when he was two weeks old:

I am in the bathroom. Dreamer appears in the doorway. "Mommy! There you are! Baby!" 

"Does the baby need Mommy?"

"No! Baby needs {DREAMER}!" She turns to go back to the bedroom, calling over her shoulder, "come on!"

Before I was even three weeks post partum, I got sick again

Dreamer turned three years old, they are roughly two years 11 months apart.

selfie of Mommy, baby in ergo, and birthday girl

Ryan was able to cobble together his paternity leave with vacation days and stayed home with us for nearly a month, but returned to work the day before little man turned 1 month.

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