Saturday, August 26, 2017

Four Months

Rider is four months!

Happily, he's a pacifier baby... or rather, a baby who will sometimes accept a pacifier instead of needing to be attached to Mommy at all times. Dreamer refused to ever use one and I spent many a night up attached to her mouth aching to sleep.

He loves Dreamer. He was crying inconsolably. I couldn't get him to stop, so I sat down with him crying in my lap. Dreamer bounds over and he sees her and stops crying. She notices and leans over and holds his hands. He smiles.

"Maybe {Rider} was just crying because he wanted his {Dreamer}," I suggest.

"He wants ME?" she says with delight. She grabs both his hands and wiggles them around, putting them over his own eyes and then pulling them off saying "peekaboo." He starts laughing.

Not sure if he was crying for her, but he definitely stopped crying for her!

He is determined to grow and move! At 3.5 months, he pushed himself up from his belly onto all fours for the first time!

celebrating Yaya's birthday

Another cute sibling story. Rider is fussing because he's tired. So big sister swoops into comfort.

"Nuttin be afraive. Nuttin be afraive. No vampires. Nuttin be afraive. Shh, shh."


One thing that we are happy about it is we got a jumperoo. I always wanted to get Genevieve one, but couldn't find one that wasn't imported at like ten times the rate of finding one in the US would be... but we found a reasonable one!

And he loves it!!

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