Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Busy Busy Busy!

Ryan and I at Christmas
I'm in a super blessed time in my life right now, lots of changes, super busy!

One thing that hasn't changed? I am a writer. I am realizing I am aching to blog for my sanity. But there will be no opportunity for perfection here. One reason I rarely blog is typically my photos aren't stored where I type or I don't have time to sit at a keyboard. I actually have... 46 blog post drafts. Yep, seriously. A lot of those are just never going to turn into posts because their time has passed, others I haven't deleted because I'm thinking oh maybe I'll glean a paragraph from that in the future and a lot of them are really good blog posts I really do want to get out there but they're not ready or I just haven't had time.

And I think that backlog and me thinking "I could write this, but I should write this first, and maybe I should do this" and I end up completely nothing, even if I do type, is causing me to just not be active on here at all. So that's stopping.

Dreamer playing dress up
I'm committing to blogging once per week from here on out. Not for you, though I totally am glad anyone still reading this is reading this, but for myself with the hope that once I get back into the swing of things I'll be back to a level where it's for you too. For now I think I'll probably put out posts that have no photos or maybe just a post that is the best photo I took this week. I may have long rants, I may have poems; I am not limiting myself. But even though it's a busy, busy, busy season I know blogging actually is very enjoyable to me.

I think basically the metaphor (which is also true right now) is I'm not physically fit. So instead of thinking I shouldn't put myself out there until I'm back to doing the same quality of reps or length of workout I was doing last time I was fit, I just need to get moving and do something.

I am looking forward to telling you about some of the several things I have going on, keeping me busy... besides the fact that Rider is walking now! (Rider, by the way, is my official blog name for my son. I actually decided that like seven months ago, but I don't think I've told you. I came up with it because he would always grab my hair like reins on a horse!) He is 9 months old currently.

Rider (blurriness is true in most of his photos,
he is rarely still!)
And I am still planning on back blogging a post about each month of his first year. I've never given up on that, the main reason that hasn't happened is time. My plan is basically just to sit down with my facebook profile and scroll through updates I posted about him back then, add one or more pictures and fill in with anything I remember then publish. So not hard, but time consuming to scroll and edit it together coherently. But likely when I do it, I'll do it all and you guys will suddenly have at least ten posts to read (since Rider will be ten months soon and I doubt it'll get done before then.)

This past weekend was my birthday weekend. I'm thirty-two years old now, and feeling fine about that. The last two years I struggled with my birthday, but this year it was just happy. Guess what readers in your twenties? The thirties are seriously the best so far. You're old enough to actually have a sense of the world and yourself and you're young enough your body hasn't really turned on you yet. You've probably accomplished at least a little, so you're not feeling as hopeless as at least I did in much of my twenties, but you also know you have time to still go after the things you haven't gotten to yet. It's a good place.

So... I'll see you at latest again next Tuesday, but hopefully before then, and I'll tell you about some of things I've been doing.

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