Friday, May 3, 2019

May 3- Funny Moments

Decided to go with something briefer and lighter today: sharing a few funny moments with my kiddos. Rider just turned two by the way and Dreamer is a few weeks away from FIVE!

Yesterday we went on a walk with Rider in a stroller. There are bushes of flowers along the path in our society (apartment complex). Yesterday he reached out to grab a flower... and yanked a marigold plant up by the stem, but breaking at the root so I couldn't replant it. Oops... 

On our walk tonight he got another flower, just the bloom this time and dropped it out of his lap. So Dreamer picked it up and gave it backed to him. He dropped it again. She gave it back. Then he obviously deliberately threw it. She said, "I don't want to give it back if he's just going to throw it." 
I said, "(Rider), will you promise not to throw the flower again?" 
He looked at me and said bluntly in cute toddler voice, "No!"
We all laughed. At least he was honest!

Overheard with no context a few days ago while they were playing together:
Dreamer to Rider, "Can you go out and hunt some animals and turn them into grapes? And also get me some tea?"

Several times in the past few weeks when Carsten is put on a stool to wash his hands, he walks away with a wet head. I would set him on the stool, put soap on his hands, turn the faucet on and then leave for a few minutes. He likes to play in the water and it's harmless. So when I got back I'd been assuming the wet head was caused by attempts to wash his face. Today I put him up there and stayed in the bathroom-- and saw him take his sister's toothbrush, run it under the water and proceed to brush his hair.

The other day I stood up and started leaving the room.
Dreamer said, "where are you going?"
"The bathroom."
Dreamer turned to Rider, "Let's follow her!"

Last week Rider is eating jam on bread, which he begged for. His hands get jam all over them, which distresses him. His solution? Wipe his hands in my hair! Then he starts shrieking angrily because now his hands are covered in jam and hair.

Dreamer wanted the watermelon in the fridge.
Me to Ryan,  "Can you carve it up?"
Ryan sighs, "I'll see what I can do."
Dreamer eagerly, "I know you can do it, Daddy!"
Ryan amused, "Oh! Thank you for the show of confidence!"
"You're so BIG and STRONG! You can do it, Daddy! I know you can!"

Hope you enjoyed those little stories!

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