Friday, March 6, 2020


There was a knock on the door. Ryan opens it and speaks to someone in Hindi then shuts it. "They're killing the bees, don't go outside they said," he informs us.

"Killing them?" I say, upset, "hopefully not! Bees are important. Hopefully he misspoke; last time they just moved them."

"Why are bees important?" Dreamer asks and we have a brief discussion about pollination and she's all in now too. She and Rider peer outside to see if they can see them killing bees. 

"We're just the first floor," I point out, "they're probably warning everyone not to go outside, it'll be a while before they start." We live in a 14 floor high rise. 

"They're looking up above us," Dreamer informs me. "If it's above us how can we see the bees?"

"Just wait," I say, because this has happened before, twice now since we moved in. A hive of bees moves in and they chase it off. 

After a while suddenly it begins. Bees swirling outside. "Look!" I point out and we're all at the window. 

There aren't that many, it's not a full swarm like I've seen before. After a few minutes I smell smoke, they're probably smoking them, not killing them. It's also possible that smell comes from a burnt neighbor's lunch but I'm hopeful it's the bees and they're humanely being transported away.

I see bees zoom past the window, and in the distance behind them I see echoes of similar movement far off. But at that distance it'd be birds swooping, not bees.

This causes me to sit and reflect. At some distance, the bees become invisible. Which makes me wonder: between me and those birds how many insects are flying that are invisible to my eye? How much of the world around me is visible and yet, I cannot see?

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