Sunday, March 15, 2020


I wondered if I was crazy. Each time I'd pray for God to lead me He would but this time I was just wandering around my parents yard. It was early and the dew was soaking my feet through my shoes. I was a little grumpy, as is my morning normal, but trying to be obedient and willing. I followed the nudge of God and He walked me right into the edge of the woods.

My parents have three acres, with about one and a half being woods. However, this little slice was only maybe twenty feet wide, a separation of us and our next door neighbor's acreage. What in the world could there be to see here? I was pray thinking something like, "oh, come on, God!"

Then, six inches in front of my face a chickadee, a tiny little puffball of birdy cuteness, burst into song. My eyes widened in awe and wonder as the little feathery dear sang to me instead of flying away or trying to hide in fright of the giant human invading his sacred tree.

Tears prickled my eyes and my heart swelled with love of my creator and friend. He had arranged this private seranade of love, a sheer delight for His beloved.

This happened years and years ago, before India, but for some reason it keeps coming back to my mind. My beloved God, my eternal love and His joyous surprise for me. I love Him.

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