Wednesday, September 16, 2020

2020 Blues

I've been easily grumpy lately. Mainly I'm okay though. This pandemic has made everyone at least a bit off, if they're taking it seriously. Those who aren't taking it seriously are some of the biggest causes of stress. If we were all being responsible then we could all relax a little.

Multiple friends are telling me that they're suffering depression. My mom has noticed every single person she talks to, as well as herself, are having more trouble finding the right words lately.

Yesterday my husband found a video from NJ where a flying saucer was spotted. It turned out to be a blimp but honestly, I wouldn't have been surprised.

2020 is insane. 

I am not sure what my point is yet but I guess just wanting to say hi, I still exist and I'm glad you do too and the whole world is in this together. I'm typing in my phone and so I don't want to make a long post, I don't prefer typing without an actual keyboard.


  1. I know how you feel. Very weird here - I switch from great to sad to annoyed. It will pass. Just making new "normals".
    Love you!

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