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Okay, I'm changing up how I do sponsors here on the Songs on the Way. It's not drastically different, but it's from a change of perspective.

Here are a few stats about my blog for your consideration, current as of July 22nd, 2014:

Average Pageviews per Month*:      8,357                       Alexa Rank:        1,359,229
Google Page Rank:                                  3                Domain Authority:          23/100
Klout Score:                                           54            


GFC:                          280                                        Instagram:              93
Facebook Page:         236                                          Pinterest:            176
Facebook Personal:   651                                     Blog Lovin':              95
Twitter:                     234                                     Google Plus:           298

*over last 12 months

I'd like to focus on making sponsored posts a more regular part of my blog. I blog with integrity and won't do any sponsored posts that don't mesh with the overall theme of my blog, but as my blog is fairly broad I am open to considering different sponsors. Here are examples of sponsored posts I've done in the past, here for Campus Book Rentals and their charitable partner Operation Smile, and here for GlassesUSA.com. I fully disclose all sponsored posts (see policy tab.) If you would like to work with me contact me at singingpilgrimdancing at gmail dot com.

A lot of what "sponsoring" entails is investing in what you're sponsoring, whether that investment is financial or otherwise. Guest posts are great because the guest blogger can share who they are and their blog/website with my readers, and in exchange they promote the piece to their readers and/or compensate (depending on if you're a blogger or a company.) It's a win-win. I'm open to guest posts that are in line with my blog and its scope. If you're interested, email me at singingpilgrimdancing at gmail dot com. Also, if you'd like me to guest post for your blog, let me know, and we may be able to work something out.

I have been using sidebar ads for a while (though I've been taking a brief hiatus in recruiting since I got married.) I am going to continue to offer sidebar ads for sale, as well as for swaps (see below.)

Ads for Bloggers

As has happened in the blogosphere for a while, I will promote any blogger who pays me for a sidebar ad. This includes social media shout outs (the amount varying based on size of ad sold) and a sponsor spotlight. I also would like to develop relationships with any blogger who wants to invest in me, so please email me and we can discuss what you want to get out of sponsorship.

Ads for Companies

For companies I will include a brief paragraph in the sponsor spotlight and, per ad size, possibly social media recognition.  Sponsored posts, however, are a separate form of ad space. Also, since you probably work with a lot of bloggers where as I've only worked with a few companies, if you have suggestions, feel free to email me to discuss our relationship.

In order to purchase a sidebar ad, please scroll to the top of the page for the ad shop.

I am pledging here and now, no matter how big I get, to always offer some form of free advertising for other bloggers. As I grow, this will undoubtedly become smaller or fewer or with less perks, but I pledge to always include it. Why? Because as I have started out I needed a leg up, and as I grow, I feel passing that forward just comes with integrity.

At this point, all swaps will be included in the sponsor spotlight, and I will try to give social media shout outs as my schedule permits.

In order to swap with me, please scroll up to the ad shop.

I have done a lot of book reviews on this site, and enjoyed it. I am an avid reader.

I am also open to other types of reviews, such as products, but it should be noted I am located in India. Therefore unless you are also in India or open to international shipping, it is easiest for me to review digital content, like ebooks or other things.

I have done dozens of book reviews, and if you'd like to see samples of my writings you can click on the book review tab. Primarily I have done reviews through publisher-to-blogger type platforms, like Blogging for Books, Booksneeze, etc. I have a NetGalley account. However, I have also done book reviews for people who have approached me independently.

I also read very, very fast and both for review and for fun typically read 1-8 books per week.

The truth of the matter is blog sponsorship, as it is, didn't exist all that long ago. There have been innovations and changes in the way it works constantly. Therefore if you have an idea and want to approach me for an innovative type of partnership... by all means do so!

My email is singingpilgrimdancing at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from everyone!

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